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When we think land, we think location, connectivity, access, and scalability to meet our tenants’ long-term logistics and fulfilment strategies.

Our experienced land buying and investment team work closely with in-house and external legal counsel, development, and leasing teams to continually source and evaluate land parcels in and around key consumption and manufacturing/industrial clusters across India.

We apply a rigorous evaluation process to identify sites with superior location, access, and scalability. We de-risk our projects from hurdles arising out of title, acquisition, and planning permissions while maintaining financial feasibility.


We don’t compromise on locations. We don’t compromise on our processes.


We evaluate potential site locations using a scoring matrix that is a combination of objective parameters and subjective judgements.

Our scoring matrix includes parameters like the following:

  • Existing supply, demand, and vacancy.
  • Connectivity to current and future road and rail networks.
  • Distance from consumption centres, ports, and airports.
  • Consumption potential of the serviceable region.
  • Social infrastructure and availability of skilled labour.
  • State infrastructure and budgets.

Connectivity & Access

Our investment team continually evaluates locations based on customer requirements, market intelligence, in-house research, and feedback from various stakeholders, which includes governments and local planning authorities. We identify sites that are not only well connected to existing road & transport infrastructure but also to future ones, to stay ahead of the curve.


We understand that our clients need to scale up their warehouses, which is usually done in phases. We, thus, carefully map each site that offers our customers flexibility and scalability, to meet their future requirements. Our master plans are based on a modular development model to enable clients to scale to up to 2x in a short span of time. 


We believe that buying our sites right is the key to de-risking our business.

Due Diligence, Risk Assessment, and Mitigation

We ensure that each of our sites undergoes an exhaustive due diligence process, where we work with our in-house and external legal counsel, our development and leasing teams, and other third-party vendors to review and minimise potential risks.

Our due diligence covers aspects like the following:

  • Land title
  • Zoning, planning permissions, and local building codes.
  • Corporate, legal, and statutory norms.
  • Financial and tax implications.
  • Technical and environmental factors.
  • Other transaction nuances.

Master Plan First

Before we buy any parcel of land, our teams work with the best minds in the industry to create a well-thought-through master plan that takes into account site conditions, impediments, and local planning codes to maximise plan efficiency, while ensuring the best throughput and operational efficacy for all our customers. 


The land is evaluated on various factors like Customer Preference, Land DD, Location, Connectivity & Access, Technical DD and so on.

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