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Our investment approach is to combine our deep local understanding and experience with rigorous institutional processes, research & analytics.

Why Invest IN INDIA?

5th largest economy in the world

Targeting to reach $5 trillion by 2024.

India’s per capita income crossed the $2000 mark

This is traditionally seen as an inflection point for any economy.

$1.4 trillion of infrastructure investment planned for the next five years

This will improve connectivity and enhance competitiveness.

Multiple structural reforms

Reforms undertaken over the last few years have built a solid foundation for India’s long-term growth.

Favourable demographics

Youngest populations in the world with a median age of 28 years are expected to drive up both, productivity and consumption.

2nd largest internet user base in the world

India has an internet subscriber base of over 630 million users.

Massive increase in ecommerce

Online retailers in India are marking a 30% year-on-year growth.

Emerging digital ecosystem

By 2025, India's digital economy is expected to account for ~18-23% of the total GDP.


The Indian warehousing industry is at an inflection point and expected to witness strong growth due to the following:

Mushrooming ecommerce, logistics industry and the new Goods & Services Tax (GST) Act are game changers. These provide consolidated opportunities in a fragmented, under-supplied industry.

This sector is relatively mitigated from risks of a slowing economy, since there is a large amount of displacement demand (tenants moving from non-compliant, Grade B to Grade A facilities), in addition to primary demands.

Various inherent advantages such as low approval and development risk, and shorter development cycles (vis-à-vis other real estate segments), stabilized yield on cost and long-term stable income, make for an attractive risk-return proposition for investors.

Owing to this, Grade-A warehousing space is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~21% from 88MM SF in 2019 to 188MM SF in 2023, as per industry estimates.


A Niche Platform

Access to Suite of products

We provide investors, looking to allocate capital in the industrial real estate asset class across India, with access to a suite of products that meet their investment strategy and objectives.

Superior risk adjusted returns

We seek to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients through a variety of discretionary and non-discretionary structures including asset level JVs, separate account/club deals, co-investments, close-ended funds, or other bespoke structures.

Corporate governance and compliance

We partner with investors who value and respect our high standards of transparency, corporate governance and compliance.

Institutional platform

We are a highly institutional and professionally managed platform, led by a management team which has over 20 years of experience in working with the best-in-class organizations.

Part of the Welspun World

The Welspun World - over 3 decade-old diversified multinational, with a legacy of serving more than 100,000 shareholders across 4 listed businesses.

Our Investment Philosophy

To source exclusive deals

To source exclusive deals

To utilize our extensive on-the-ground reach and relationships with landowners, customers, consultants and other market participants to source exclusive deals for our clients.

Identify and mitigate investment risks

Identify and mitigate investment risks

We leverage our deep local understanding and experience corroborated with rigorous institutional processes, research, high-quality market data & analytics, to identify and mitigate underlying investment risks.

To deliver optimal returns

To deliver optimal returns

We deploy our in-house underwriting expertise to effectively price and structure transactions to ensure alignment of our stakeholders’ interest and deliver optimal returns.

Access asset level data

Access asset level data

We drive investment returns through active and engaged asset management anchored around robust processes and technology platforms, which provide easy and transparent access to site level data across stakeholders.

Highest standards of corporate governance

Highest standards of corporate governance

Welspun One is built on a foundation of zero tolerance for non-compliance to local code, HSE and other regulations. We have the highest standards of corporate governance, which we believe is integral to long-term investment and finest organizational performance.

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