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Our Impact Welpsun One Page

With every project we undertake, we aim to create a long-term and meaningful impact.

With Welspun One, we aim to carry on the Group’s commitment to a better tomorrow. With our parks, our vision for the next decade extends beyond developing square footage to - creating jobs, adding to state revenues and sustaining overall growth.

Impact We Wish to Create



10 year forecast for jobs created during park construction and operation.



Approximate wages generated when all parks are fully operational.



Taxes paid during construction over the next decade.


We believe in the multiplier effect of our projects - with each park enhancing the productivity, standard of living, and overall economic activity beyond its boundaries to transform communities.

This is What Drives Us


We strive to make our impact meaningful. Through innovation, technology, and commitment - we believe we can achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. While securing long term returns and value for our stakeholders, we want our impact to be measurable and beneficial at large.

Empower Communities

We aim to empower the communities within and around our parks through our corporate social value initiatives. Using templates like Welspun's Gyankunj - a project on training and digitization of primary schools, and women entrepreneurship programmes, we are well positioned to realise this ambition.

Build In Sustainability

Our teams are always looking to integrate cutting-edge solutions for our parks to make them benchmarks of sustainable developments. From optimising energy consumption, maximising our use of alternative energy sources to developing zero discharge facilities - we leave no stone unturned in creating environmentally sustainable developments.

Make Impactful Investments

Since most logistics parks are in low investment zones, our investments will have a far-reaching positive impact in uplifting the overall economic activity in that micro market. Using various Education and Empowerment programmes within the Welspun World, we aim to supplement the economic activity with a social scaffold, so that our investments prove to be more meaningful.